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What Our Parents Say

On Monday when I picked my son up after field day he was telling me about his bracelets he got and said that he had a yellow one too but lost it somewhere on the playground.  Another student came up to the car as I was buckling him in and gave him her yellow bracelet.  It really made him so happy!  I wish I knew who it was, guessing a 7th or 8th grader, so I could tell her parents because it really should be a proud parenting moment and a proud moment for the school as well!  One of the many reasons why I love this school, you are not only educating our children but also teaching them respect and courtesy for others.
I see a lot of kind acts around the school but this one really stands out because it was just one student who overheard a conversation.  There wasn’t anyone else there to suggest or encourage her behavior.
Kindergarten Parent