Tuition Collection Policy

Appendix H

Families who have:


1.                  Completed the registration process;

2.                  Paid the registration fee; and

3.                  Do not have delinquent tuition from the prior school year


Are eligible to attend St Mary’s School if all of these requirements are met be May 31st.


In addition to the above requirements, one of the following methods of payment must be elected BY MAY 31st, to insure cash flow for the school year:


Option A-        Enrollment with the Diocesan Payment Program by May 31st and by making ten (10) monthly payments, September thru June with each payment due on the 15th day of each month.  The monthly payments must be current and must remain current; OR


Option B-        Payment of the full amount of tuition payable by the 15th day of August prior to the start of the school year.



Tuition Assistance:


Tuition assistance is not guaranteed after May 1st.  Upon qualification of Tuition

Assistance, each family shall follow the ten monthly payment plan listed under

Option A above.


If Tuition Assistance is denied, the family shall have 30 days to choose one of the payment  options listed above without penalty.





Nonpayment of Tuition


Families who have not fulfilled their tuition commitment for the current school year will not be able to attend St. Mary’s School in September until the tuition and applicable late fees are paid in full.  If the child(ren) have already registered for the upcoming school year, they shall be removed from the registration list and will no longer be given pre-registration priority.  If they have not registered, then they shall not be allowed to register until all past due tuition and late fees are paid in full and they have enrolled in one of the payment options listed above.  In any event, all past due and current tuition shall be current before the family can register or enroll in St. Mary’s School.  If any family becomes delinquent on their tuition for sixty (60) days, then they shall appear before the St. Mary’s School Board to explain their situation and to show good cause.  After the Board’s written decision, any payments not made within 15 days can be turned over to an agency for collection.



New Student Policy                                                                                        Page 2 of 2


Students entering St. Mary’s School after the start of school shall pay the registration fee and shall be charged tuition on a pro-rata scale.  New students must be registered in one of the plans as provided by the Tuition Collection Plan.  If the payment in full option (Option B) is selected then the family will have 30 days (from the date of registration) within which to make payment.  If they do not, then their child shall not be allowed to attend school.  If Option A is selected (Diocesan Payment Plan) then they must enroll with the Diocesan Payment Plan within seven days from the date of registration and the  first month’s tuition payment must be paid at the time of enrollment.


Tuition Refund Policy


Tuition shall be refunded, on a pro-rata basis, or Smart Contract terminated, only if one of the following conditions have been met:


a.       extenuating circumstances, i.e. death, disability of a household income earner or other uncontrollable situations  – to be submitted in writing and presented to the St. Mary’s School Commission and determined by a majority vote of the St. Mary’s School Commission to be extenuating;

b.      Commission action terminating a student; or

c.       mutual consent of the school and family for the best interests of the student.