Tuition Assistance Qualification Procedure

Appendix J

  • Families who qualify for free or reduced school lunches according to the federal guidelines, qualify for assistance at St Mary’s School.  Families with special circumstances will also be considered for tuition assistance by submitting an explanatory letter to the school board along with any requested documentation as required by the school board, school secretary or school administrator.
  • Families currently enrolled at St. Mary’s School and who wish to reapply for tuition assistance for the next school year, must submit the St. Mary’s School Tuition Assistance Request Form and a copy of Income Tax Return 1040 form or other source of proof of income, no later than May 15th.  The same deadline applies for families submitting a letter explaining special circumstances.
  • St. Mary’s School’s Finance committee will meet during the month of June to award tuition assistance in the following order:


  1. Families who qualify for free lunch under the federal quidelines will pay $600.00 per family per year and will be given first consideration.
  2. Families who qualify for reduced lunch under the federal guidelines will be pay one-half of the total family tuition and will be given second consideration.
  3. Families with special circumstances will be given a tuition award depending on the amount of money left in the budget for tuition assistance and determined by the St. Mary’s School Finance Committee.
  4. These formulas for tuition assistance are subject to change depending on the number of requests received in each particular year and the amount of money available in the tuition assistance fund.
  5. All tuition amounts can be paid in installments throughout the current school year. Collection of this tuition will be followed in the some manner as the Tuition Collection Policy.
  6. This process will be confidential to School Secretary, School Board and School Administrator.