Lice Policy

  1. If a child is suspected of having lice by scratching their head or acting uncomfortably, they shall be sent to the office. The child will simply be told they are needed in the office. As always kindness, humor, and reassurance will assist in lessening the fear and apprehension that children often display concerning this problem.
  1. If a child is brought into the office for a lice check, the secretary or principal will escort this child into the principal’s office and the door will be closed. A second opinion is necessary, and if the principal is not present, a teacher will be summoned.
  1. If nits are found on the head of the child, the child’s parents will be contacted and the child will be sent home immediately. While waiting the child will be asked to either sit in the conference or in the principal’s office. We will conduct a check in that classroom ASAP as well as in the classroom(s) of other family members. Notification and information will be sent home with the children of the school as to what precautionary measures are to be taken along with identification procedures.
  1. A child must be nit free in order to return to school. It is preferred that the child’s parent or guardian accompanies him/her into the office for a recheck. This check will be done behind closed doors with two school staff members present.
  1. As required by the Michigan Department of Public Health, a weekly report is filed every Friday, stated the names and addresses of the child(ren) who are infested with head lice. The original is on file at the St. Mary’s School office and a copy of this form is sent to the Health Department.