Kindergarteners Who Do Not Meet Age Criteria

A child who has not turned five years old by September 1, and whose parents believe that the child is ready for school, must meet the following criteria  in order to be accepted into the Kindergarten program at St. Mary’s School:


  1. Birthday must be no later than December 1, no exceptions.
  2. Must follow the established registration deadlines for school families, parishioners, and general public.
  3. Must have been enrolled in a four year old pre-school program for at least six months prior to Kindergarten Round-Up.
  4. St. Mary’s School must receive a written recommendation from the pre-school teacher regarding the readiness of the child to be successful in a full time academic program.  The teacher’s recommendation must be not only on the academic readiness of the child but on the social and emotional readiness as well.


Children who started kindergarten early at a school other than St. Mary’s, must go through proper testing to determine placement before admission to St. Mary’s School