Dear Parents:

Welcome to St. Mary’s School!

Thank you for considering joining our St. Mary’s School family and for taking time to review this material. We would also like to extend a warm welcome to let you know that you will be appreciated in our school system.

St. Mary’s strives to offer the very best individualized instruction of a small school. St. Mary’s also adds the most important ingredient of all, our Catholic faith. The values and teachings of Christ will permeate all classes.  The development of sound values is one of the most important things that God has asked us as parents to do for our children. This is never easy even in the best of times, and the current secularization of American life makes it extremely difficult for parents. St. Mary’s School strives to offer your children not only the very best in academic education, but more importantly, we hope to teach and encourage them to become the kind of young Catholics that our faith needs to carry on the message of the Gospel.

In God’s plan, parents are primarily responsible for their children’s education. St. Mary’s School recognizes this primary role of parents and intends to create an environment that supports you in your efforts to teach your children right from wrong. The School operates as a Family unit. Parental involvement in all operations of the school is not only necessary, it is desirable. Together, we will help our children grow into the kind of young men and women whose moral character, self confidence and leadership is immediately visible.

We ask that you pray for guidance in your decision of where to educate your children. We will be joining you in that prayer.