Fr. Sebastian Kavumkal (Pastor)

Fr. Sebastian, the current Pastor of Holy Name of Mary Church belongs to the Missionary Congregation called, The Missionary Society of St. Thomas the Apostle, in India. He was ordained for the Society in 1979 and had served in one of the Mission Dioceses in India for 18 years before he was sent to Marquette Diocese in 1997 and ever since he has been serving the Diocese. He has been the Pastor of Holy Name of Mary since 2007. He completed all his studies in India; besides his 10 years of the seminary studies, he achieved his Master’s degree in Political Science and also the Law degree. But he is fully happy and dedicated in his priestly service. In his leisure time he would like to listen to Indian classical music and go out in Nature with his camera. Fr. Sebastian is a good Nature Photographer and he enjoys the outdoor very much. His Book on Nature photography, “The Splendor of God in Nature” is known to the people in the Diocese. The content of the book is the close up shots of the flowers from U.P. as well as from outside. Each picture is presented with a caption and Bible quotation. Besides enjoying the Nature and all seasons here in U.P., he spends a good amount of time with the homebound, in Nursing Homes and Hospital. He also takes keen interest in Catholic education at St. Mary’s school.

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