Discipline Policy


St. Mary’s philosophy and therefore its discipline is based on the teachings of the Catholic Bishops in “Sharing the Light of Faith” and “To Teach as Jesus Did”.  Catholic Christian education must be a reflection of what the church really is; the Body of Christ.  It must by its very nature reaffirm the Church’s mission to lead people to God, heal human anxieties, uphold human dignity and bear witness as community united through the bond of love.”(1) “Through education the Church seeks to prepare its members to proclaim the Good News and translate the proclamation into Action.”(2)


Students learn best in an atmosphere filled with mutual respect.  All are to show respect for each person, other students, teachers, adult supervisors and aides.  Students are taught to use proper titles (Mrs., Miss, Mr., Fr., and Sr.) for adults.  Nicknames are discouraged.  Frequently they hold derogatory meanings.


Rules are a necessary part of any society and are made to benefit everyone.  Students are expected to obey all school, classroom, fire drill and playground rules.  Rule violations are either minor or major in nature:


Minor School Violations: usually involve playground or classroom rules and dress code.  Classroom teachers are the usual disciplinarian for minor rule violations.  Consequences are time-out, loss of recess, a written assignment or detention.


In the event that students are sent to the office for a minor violation, they will be required to make up all the missed class time minute for minute after school.  The teacher will record on the pass, the time the student has to make up and taken home for parental signatures.  If this action plan form is not returned to school the next day, the student will not be admitted to class and the student will have to call his/her parents.


Major Rule Violations must be witnessed by a teacher and falls into one of three categories:


  1. Physical abuse toward another student or teacher. (Biting, throwing an object, hitting, pushing etc.)
  2. Verbal abuse such as threats, swearing, foul language, base sexual terms, connotations or innuendoes.
  3. Open defiance such as refusing to follow directions or procedure, refusing to complete tasks, or disruptive behavior.
  4. Persistent bullying or demeaning behavior towards other students.


Major rule violations are usually handled in this manner: the student is sent or taken to the office with a written statement of the time, place and offense.  The student will be required to call his or her parents.


  1. For the first offense a student will be given a warning and given counseling by the principal.  The student will complete an action plan and the student, parent, and teacher will sign the documentation.  This document will be filed.  The consequence is one hour of detention.
  2. A second offense will follow the underlined procedure in step one.  The consequence is an in-school suspension of one day.  There will be a conference with parent(s), principal, teacher and student.
  3. Third offense will follow the underlined procedure in step one.  The consequence is a 2-day at home suspension.  There will be a conference with parent(s), principal, teacher, student, and pastor.

Policy revised January 24, 1996.