Letter from the Principal 02.03.20

Dear Families of St. Mary’s Catholic School,

Thank God for another successful Catholic Schools Week!  Thank you to all who made it run smoothly, from opening Mass to faculty/staff luncheon.  The lunch was delicious and greatly appreciated!

Our Virtue for February is Self-Control (also known as Discipline).
Definition of Self-Control: Joyful mastery over one’s passions and desires
Self-Control Looks Like:
Raising your hand before talking in class
Self-Control Sounds Like:
I will raise my hand before I speak.

                                                            Education in Virtue

Today is the Feast of St. Blaise.  Fr. Sebastian and Dcn. Romeo will visit the school today to bless the throats of our students, teachers, and staff.  Please see below for a little more information regarding St. Blaise.

No need to make dinner on Sunday!  The Friends of St. Mary’s will do it for you.  Our friends host a delicious spaghetti dinner at O’Callaghan Hall (St. Joe’s) and we hope you will attend; take outs are also available.  All proceeds go to our school!  THANK YOU, FRIENDS OF ST. MARY’S!  Please see enclosures for further information.

God bless,  

Hedy A. Yanni


Monday folder 02.03.20

Letter from the Principal 01.27.20

Dear Families of St. Mary’s Catholic School,

Happy Catholic Schools Week!  It was wonderful seeing so many of you at Mass yesterday – what a great way to kick off our week.  Thank you for being there.  For those who could not attend, we gave complimentary microfiber screen cleaner stickers as folks entered the church yesterday.  We enclosed one in each Monday folder today to be sure each of our school families receive one.

The CSW schedule is once again enclosed.  Kindly refer to it for activities.  Thank you to all who sent in baked goods this morning.  Local businesses will be pleased; all the goodies look yummy!

Please find in your Monday folder today a small token of appreciation for all our volunteers.  The teachers, Mrs. Miller, and I put these little thank you treats together as a way of saying thank you to YOU!  Our school is a special place because of the support from volunteers.  Thank you, thank you!  The photo below shows what should make it home to you. ?

Tuesday is a free color day; if students have something with the St. Mary’s School logo, please wear it.  It is St. Mary’s School spirit day!

As always, modesty guidelines are to be followed.

Thursday is our usual school Mass, 8:15 a.m., followed by a Eucharistic procession and benediction.  Please join us for both if you are able.

Friday is also color day.  This is the usual end of the month, last Friday, color day and popcorn Friday.  So, $0.25 to dress out of uniform.  Modesty guidelines here as well.

God bless,
Hedy A. Yanni

Monday folder for 01.27.20