Lauren andrews, kindergarten teacher

Bio: Mrs. Lauren Andrews is in her fourth year teaching Kindergarten at St. Mary’s. Mrs. Andrews attended Lake Superior State University for her degree in Elementary Education and later received an Early Childhood Endorsement from Bay Mills. Mrs. Andrews loves teaching Kindergarten because everyday they discover something they didn’t know before and spend the day exploring and discussing new ideas. In her spare time, Mrs. Andrews enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and exploring nature.  


  • Learn that God is our loving creator and creation is an expression of God’s love
  • Discover that Jesus is the greatest gift of creation
  • Recognize the Bible as a special book
  • Learn to recite the Glory Be, Angel of God, and Grace Before Meals prayers
  • Understand that each person’s body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and is worthy of respect and love
  • Study of the Saints
  • Understand prayer more fully

Students read:

  • Aesop’s Fables
  • Poetry
  • Myths
  • Fairy Tales
  • Historical Narratives
  • Fictional Stories
  • Saints