Welcome!  Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to learn more about St. Mary’s Catholic School.  We are excited you are here as you consider St. Mary’s as an investment in your child’s future.

St. Mary’s Catholic School is a Christ-centered preschool through eighth grade school.   We seek to strengthen our students with active involvement in prayer and liturgy, Christian service to others, in a loving, safe, and caring atmosphere; all accomplished in partnership with our parishes, community, and families.

We offer religion, all core subjects, share time programs with the public schools (physical education, computers, and music), Spanish (preschool and kindergarten; optional in grades 7 & 8), Latin (grades 1-6; optional in grades 7&8),  band, athletics, Title I services, and first hour elective for our 7/8 graders at the local middle school.

Our reading and writing program features many classics in literature and stresses the importance of modeling good reading and writing.  Our mathematics program is Singapore Math, which places an emphasis on conceptual understanding and mathematical problem-solving.  It follows a spiral progression were students advance from concrete to pictorial and then to abstract representations.  As our Diocesan schools transition to a Catholic Liberal Arts curriculum, our dedication to science and the social sciences is an essential feature of our program, due to the undeniable and natural relationships amongst subjects.

Thank you again for visiting our website; please call our school office to schedule a tour.

In Christ,

Hedy A. Yanni


St. Mary’s Catholic School

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