Hello St. Mary’s Catholic school community,

This past week I’ve seen more people stepping forward to offer their time, talent and treasure than I ever have since I started here.  The positive response from families has been wonderful. The school community is like a family in many ways. It is where one contributes to the common good, learns and practices moral values, and makes good use of freedom.  We are all family in that we have God as our Father.  He is a Father who blesses us when we follow His commandments. God loves us unconditionally though we sometimes sin and turn away from His goodness.  This God we serve is the reason for our school.

As far as service opportunities, to use the good gifts God has given us, HASA and the school are compiling a more definitive list of specific tasks that are needed.  These tasks will be specific with details such as the time required and the frequency involved.  It will take the form of a big to-do list and signup sheet, where someone has the option to commit to anywhere from half an hour one time, to multiple hours of daily service if desired.  All these contributions add up to the school accomplishing its mission, God being served, and the overall quality of the school increasing.  The students stand to become the biggest beneficiary of all this work and dedication, and those who serve can be proud of their contribution.  Please consider signing up for a task or role once the signup sheet is posted, hopefully next week.  

Thanksgiving and Advent are quick approaching, and next week we will have a half day next Wednesday and no school after that until Monday the 29th.  Therefore, there will be no newsletter next week, so enjoy Thanksgiving with your family and / or friends, and have a blessed start to the Advent season.

As a final note of good news, we seem to have hit our number of 10 interested students for the pre-K program.  Nevertheless, we are still sending out surveys, this time electronically (to reduce the burden of a paper copy) and so please fill one out if you are interested, or send one to someone you know.  This means that we can start to prepare the program in earnest, and everything that entails.  Let us give thanks to God that we could hit this milestone, and that we will recover a program that had been lost to the school and community.  We aim to make it an approved Montessori atrium program, with supplemental curricula so that students are academically accomplished enough for Kindergarten. The program length is leaning strongly to half day, with the possibility of extended hours of class and care.  Let us know your feedback through email or the surveys on what you want, because ultimately the parents and their needs determine how we serve.

Have a blessed weekend and may the Peace of Christ be with you,
Tim Vail