Hello St. Mary’s School community,

I write to you today about what initiatives as a Principal I am taking to achieve the school’s mission, and
what opportunities lie ahead. I’ve been searching and finding solutions to the many challenges the school faces and implementing some of these solutions. Some of the other solutions will take time, and still others quite a long time to bear results. The long-term goals can and will be achieved if we have a
shared vision and work hard as stakeholders in St. Mary’s School. I believe there is something at stake,
some interest for each person that receives this email. My hope is that my emails and communication
can empower those in the community to act on their interest and help us build a better School community together.

These past few weeks it’s become clearer that we are doing a lot with fewer faculty, staff and volunteers
than in recent years, and therefore running the school in this state presents numerous
unnecessary challenges. Doing more with less can sometimes be a good thing, but not in the case of our
school now. Therefore, getting the right people into the right positions is a priority. We are recruiting for
various positions, including school secretary, 6th grade teacher, pre-K teacher and aide, parent
volunteers at lunch and recess, and snowblower operator. If we recruit committed, reliable and skillful
candidates for these positions, we will decrease the load and risk of burnout on all those who are picking
up the tasks these roles perform. However, if we don’t hire anyone for these positions, our school will not
only be at a loss, but it will put undue pressure and stress on those already with full plates. Although I
believe those who work for St. Mary’s are already working hard and stretching themselves, there is a limit
to how much they should be taking on, and many are going far above and beyond their duties.

Therefore, I would ask everyone reading this to think of someone you know who might be interested in
the positions listed and have them contact St. Mary’s school with their resume. For parents, I would ask
that you ask Theresa Miller, myself, or someone at the school about volunteering at lunch, recess or in
other many small ways. Although the volunteer hours were waived this year, the need for those volunteer
hours has not gone with it. That service filled a significant gap in our operations and is hard to replace
simply with a paid position. Just like the work of staff and faculty of St. Mary’s School, your work matters
and is a scarce resource. Please consider using the talents God has given you, including your time and
effort to make St. Mary’s even better than it is today. We are a unique school with a unique vision and
mission, let us be a light to the Sault of what it means to realize God-centered ideals. The career and
volunteer opportunities at St. Mary’s school will only continue to increase, as we grow and expand to fulfill our school’s purpose.

I wanted to thank all those who recommended applicants and those candidates who have applied or
expressed interest in positions. We are making progress on hiring decisions and figuring out the logistics
of onboarding.

May you have a blessed weekend,
In Christ,