Hello Saint Mary’s School community,

This week there were even more favorable developments for the future of the school, especially in terms
of spiritual and material enrichment. My task in these newsletters is to not only introduce recent and
future events, but to follow up on things I said I would do. Even more so, I hope to regularly speak about
the most important things to us as a community, insofar as it relates to the welfare of St. Mary’s school.

The foremost update is on the pre-school, and its reason for being. I see the pre-school program as a
response to a need, or in economic terms, a service that supplies a demand. The parents of the
community determine the need and demand, and the school responds in supplying the service. Although
mission is primary and we do not seek monetary profits, we do need to have a economically viable
program that does not lose money for the school, before we can launch it. To qualify this program as
viable, we need to meet a certain quota of students and tuition, the more the better. Tied into qualifying
the program is what parents require of the program, half, full or extended aftercare services. The half day
seems to be most aligned with our mission of formation and education, but we are looking at how we
might serve beyond that.

Finally, the majority of the tuition coming in will go towards recruiting and growing a professional teacher and aide for this program. Although we have some candidates already, the diocese has asked that we open up recruitment officially to all in a public and formal way, to make sure we have a fair and
competitive recruitment process. As with all our other positions, we hope to recruit and retain the very
most qualified, professional and faithful faculty and staff to serve the students. The work we do at St.
Mary’s is not just about education, it is about a way of life that is permeated and informed by our Catholic faith. This alone makes us dramatically different from any other state school or educational institution in the area. In addition, we are aggressively investing in an endowment fund for our teachers so that we can reward them with a salary that matches and then exceeds any other in the area.

Although there are many unknowns and significant challenges to overcome to reach our goals to
reestablish programs, committees, teams, faculty, staff and student numbers, we can trust in God and His
providence to help us. Already this week I’ve seen many small wins that push the school in the right
direction. In the past month I’ve seen the school advance in many ways towards a better future, and I’m
sure that in the weeks and months to come St. Mary’s school will continue to improve with, and only with
God’s help.

All Saints’ day and all Hallows'(Saints’) eve, otherwise known as Halloween, is approaching. To all those
who will have their children dress up as a Saint, I’d like to thank you for the time, effort and money you
either already have or will put into costumes and supporting your child’s role for the day as a Saint. It is
important for them to personify a Saint to get to know them better, and to realize what this Catholic
holiday (holy day) was originally about.

As a reminder, Yearbook photo retakes will be this Wednesday, the 3rd in the morning.

Thank you and have a safe All Saints’ eve, and may the souls of heaven pray for us,

In Christ,
Tim Vail