Dear Saint Mary’s School Community,

This week’s picnic was for the community to gather, meet each other; some for the first time, and to be
heard. The picnic, along with other events this week helped put the school on to a better footing than
before those events. The picnic had a great showing of people, students, parents, faculty and staff, as
well as other visitors. There were tents outside and tables inside and even some calming piano in the
background for when the clamor of children’s voices got too loud.

On behalf of the school I want to thank all those who planned, set up and made the picnic happen, and
run well. Picnics and events where we come together, especially face to face, are opportunities to build
and strengthen bonds. When the school community can meet for the sake of the school, and talk about
what is important to them, it can lead to collaboration, great ideas, and trust. This is what I saw at
the picnic and it helps me and others to act in the best interest of our students, who are the primary
purpose of the school.

With substantial feedback about different programs and initiatives from the parents and other community members, I can foresee the possibility of several events, programs and initiatives being resurrected, and novel ones being attempted. There is a strong possibility of the pre-K program starting again within the year, and we are analyzing what is the wisest and most practicable way to re-establish that. The issue at hand is how many parents are interested, and whether a half or full day would serve the needs of parents while being the most beneficial for students and manageable for the school.

I was pleasantly surprised this week to hear overwhelmingly positive responses about the potential for a
high school, and even offers for applications from potential teachers. Right now the subject of a high
school is strictly exploratory, and so as with the pre-k, if there are interested parents, please express your
interest. If there is enough demand, we will make every effort to see how we might supply and serve that
need, even if it takes us several years.

I would be amiss if I did not address what we are doing to improve our current K-8, in order to make sure
we reward and retain our current faculty and staff for their contributions to the school, and to elevate
the quality of education the students receive and in what environment they receive it. I am considering
every financial option open to us to increase the amount of value we add to the school and the
community, and also the revenue we could receive from services and goods St. Mary’s could uniquely
provide. There are a number of exciting conversations I’ve had about these potentialities, and will be
sharing in future newsletters, depending on how they develop and actualize.

The alternative to this kind of growth, improvement and expansion is either decline or to keep things the
way they are, and I don’t see an appetite for either in anyone I’ve spoken to. Let us above all pray for St.
Mary’s to God, who has a plan for us, our community and our life, and has established such a community
to bring us closer to Himself, who is the ultimate good, truth, and beauty.

May Christ bless your weekend and bind us close to Him!
In Christ,
Tim Vail