Hello Saint Mary’s School community,

All that I meet in the community want the school to succeed and do well, and our students to learn, grow, and to be happy.  The purpose of my weekly letters are to update everyone on how the school is succeeding in its mission, what is going on, and to let you know what I’m doing as the principal.  

This week in talks with teachers, staff, Fr. Romeo, Fr. Mike and Mark Salisbury, I’ve discovered so many opportunities to make the school better.  One aspect is the building itself and upgrades, equipment and the use of resources and space.  Another is in the education and formation of the students.  Still another is growing and expanding the school in various ways, which includes re-opening a comprehensive pre-school program, hiring more faculty and staff and creating new teams and departments.  More ambitiously and long term, we’ve discussed  the potential for a St. Mary’s high school, and in the still longer term, perhaps a St. Mary’s college and even graduate school in the Sault to serve our students from pre-Kindergarten to Doctorate.  

The point at issue in many aspects is of school expansion is the need for contributions in terms of time, effort, and resources.  We need individuals who are passionate about creating an authentically Catholic school of exceptional quality.  We need people’s talent and treasure to make things happen and to achieve the vision we share.  The alternative is to keep on the current trend this recent year of downsizing in students, faculty and staff, but that is not what we want and is clearly not permissible.  

I would ask everyone to join the picnic next week on Thursday, Oct. 21st at 5 to 6:30 outside St. Mary’s school, to meet not only me in person if you haven’t, but also to enjoy the company of others in the community you might not always meet.  Parker’s Hardware is donating tents and Friends of St. Mary’s are catering food.

As an aside, pictures are in your student’s backpacks and picture day retakes will be held 11/03/2021 at 9:30 – 10:30am.  

Thank you and May God bless your weekend!
In Christ,
Tim Vail