Hello, Saint Mary’s Catholic School Community!

I hope you are having a blessed Friday.  After this first week of walking around the school and meeting students, teachers, parents and staff, and today as my first official day as Principal, I have been very impressed with the community at St. Mary’s School.  This is a place of learning and spiritual formation that has potential to grow into something even better and of higher quality.  Parents, I hope that you will share your hopes and dreams for the future of the school and your child’s education with me and your teachers, so that we can work together to make St. Mary’s one of the best Catholic schools in the UP.  This is your school, there is a lot to be proud of already.  The school has already finished 5 weeks of school and we are nearing progress reports.  Good job to the students and their hard work and progress, and to the parents and teachers who supported them.  Let’s make it through the cold and flu season the best we can and safely, even though some of us will inevitably come down with something.  As my previous letter stated, there has been some exposure and quarantine in the local schools and area, so please consider that into your daily planning and routines.

I pray that St. Mary, our Patroness and Mother may keep us in her prayers, and that God may protect us from sickness and all evil, and lead us to Himself.  

Please feel free to contact me at any time with concerns, questions, ideas, or simply to be heard.

In Christ, Tim Vail