Picture Day
Picture Day is today!  If your child is out today no problem, there will be a retake day.  As soon as we know the date of retakes, we will announce it.

Flu Clinic
Monday, October 5, 2020, from 9:30-10:30 flu shots will be available for our students, teachers, and staff.  Please click here for further information.  Please find the Flu Shot form here.  This form must be completed and returned to school prior to your child receiving the flu shot.  If you have any questions, please contact the school office.

Recess Help
Please keep signing up for recess duty!  We want students to continue getting outside to play but we need help, especially Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  Please see below for further information and the link to sign up.Family Vacation/Trips During This School Year
SMCS often receives word from families that they are taking a vacation during the school year.  Parents request the school work their children would miss while away so their children do not fall behind, and we have always accommodated these requests.  This year, due to Covid-19, traveling during the school year and removing students from school brings additional concerns besides falling behind in school work, and if traveling is planned, families need to know what to expect upon their return home.

Throughout the summer, many hours were put into planning and preparing for the reopening of SMCS.  Thousands of dollars have been spent to help ensure the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff.  We continue to spend hours each day following through on our health and safety procedures such as cleaning, disinfecting, and monitoring the building in an effort to keep everyone safe.  Due to all the time and safety measures put into practice, the following expectancies have been developed regarding removing students from school and traveling this year.  We do not take these precautions lightly and we realize the additional burden they may place on families; however, in an effort to keep students, faculty, and staff safe, the precautions have been deemed necessary.

Any SMCS family choosing to travel out-of-state or to in-state hotspots during the pandemic will need to keep their children out of school for an additional 3-5 school days to monitor for Covid-19 symptoms once they have returned home (the incubation period is thought to be 2-5 days).  An additional responsible act would be to get tested after the incubation period.  A family seeking Covid-19 testing may find information here regarding local testing.  However, if during the 3-5 days after returning home signs/symptoms of Covid-19 develop, students are to remain at home and the family should seek advice from the Chippewa County Health Department.

Student Absences
Reminder – if your child(ren) will be absent, please contact the school.  Either call the office, leave a message if necessary, or email the office/your child’s teacher.  We need to know your child is safe and to not expect him/her at school that day.

Please click here to sign up to help with monitoring recess.  Recess runs from 11:20-12:40 Monday – Friday.  The booking page is password protected for the safety of our students; please do not share it. 

ALL RECESS VOLUNTEERS MUST HAVE A DHS BACKGROUND CHECK, A BACKGROUND CHECK THROUGH THE DIOCESE OF MARQUETTE, AND HAVE COMPLETED THE VIRTUS (PROTECTING GOD’S CHILDREN) ONLINE TRAINING BEFORE VOLUNTEERING.  If there is not proof of both background checks and completed VIRTUS training on file in the school office, you will not be allowed to help.  Please contact the office if you still need to complete the two background checks and VIRTUS training.  

Anyone who enters the building to help with recess will be required to check their temperature and complete and sign a health screening form.  There is a designated health screening area in the entryway on the Armory Pl (playground) side.  Please wear a mask, buzz into the building, sanitize hands, check your temperature, complete and sign health screening form, place completed form in the locked drop box, re-sanitize hands.  Please maintain socials distancing.

There are three mid-day recesses each day.  We ask you to plan on staying for all three recesses; total duration one hour and twenty minutes; 11:20 a.m. -12:40 p.m. 
Recess times are as follows (ten minute discretionary time is for staggering students leaving/entering lunchroom, building, and sanitizing eating areas between each lunch period).

Recess duty information may be found here.

Office Closures Due to Monitoring
7:45-8:00 Closed – office personnel are monitoring north and south doors as students arrive.  If you call during this closure, please leave a message.
11:00-12:10 Closed – office personnel are monitoring cafeteria and recess procedures.  If you call during this closure, please leave a message.
2:30-3:00 Closed – office personnel are monitoring north and south doors during dismissal.  If you call during this closure, please leave a message

Blessings for a great week!  Lots of color in the trees.  Could be a good week or weekend to come for a fall color drive.