Welcome to St. Mary’s Catholic School

St. Mary’s Catholic School is a pre-school through grade 8 school. We offer instruction in all core academic subjects as well as religion, art, music, physical education, and technology.  We are currently transitioning to a Catholic Liberal Arts (Classical Education) Curriculum.  What is Catholic Liberal Arts?  Catholic Liberal Arts seeks the truth, goodness, and beauty in what is taught.  We do this by using classical works of literature and fairy tales, such as Aesop’s Fables and works by C.S. Lewis, to help form the moral imagination.  The practice of poetry memorization and emphasis on grammar helps to train the mind.  Latin studies help to train a logical mind and improve English vocabulary.  Students study ancient Greek and Roman history to understand the foundations of Western Civilization.  An inquiry-based method of science instruction helps to develop a questioning, inquisitive mind.  A virtues program to develop individuals of strong moral character.  All this trains students to seek the truth in the world around them and to gravitate to what is good and beautiful.

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”

–St. Catherine of Siena

The classical model divides learning into three phases: grammar, logic, and rhetoric – known as the trivium, with each stage integrating beautifully with a child’s natural progression in cognitive development. The grammar stage is where young children learn vocabulary and enjoy repeating songs, chanting rhymes – the building blocks for later learning in science, math geography, Latin, English grammar, history, fine arts, and public speaking.  The logic stage is sorting, comparing, and understanding; teenaged students are naturally more argumentative and tend to question authority and facts.  The rhetoric stage is naturally when students become independent thinkers and communicators.

Two Parishes. One School.

Holy Name of Mary

Holy Name of Mary and St. Joseph’s Catholic Parish are home to several St. Mary’s families. The two parishes actively support students of St. Mary’s.

St. Joseph Catholic Parish

Student Catholic Identity

Students learn about, and reinforce their Catholic Identity daily through prayers, and weekly through Mass, song & prayer. Students practice the sacrament of reconciliation twice during the school year. In addition, they learn about the Virtues Program with different monthly virtues and participate in Service Learning Projects.

daily prayers

  • Morning Prayer
  • The Angelus (Regina Coeli during the Easter Season)
  • Grace Before Meals
  • Grace After Meals
  • End of the Day Prayer